General Information for Managers

Team Sheets : The Manager of each team will confirm the starting lineup and bench players  via the NEW DRIBL App.

Details on how to get DRIBL and submit your teamsheet for each match is in the PDF document at the link below:



  1. ID Cards are compulsory and MUST be used for all competition games in accordance with By-Law 26. NOTE By-Law 26 (b) for checking of ID Cards.
    • The Manager of both teams MUST submit the team sheet online before kick off indicating that they have sighted the opposition's ID Cards.
  2. Managers: Responsibility of Team Managers :
    • The team manager must ensure that he/she has obtained from his/her Club the details of the DRIBL app for teamsheet entry.
    • The team manager must submit his/her section of the team sheet with all relevant information including any upgraded players. Upgraded players MUST selected in the App via SEARCH and SELECT options of player names. 
    • Check the opposition's ID Cards prior to kick off by lining teams up and checking opposition ID Cards. Both managers MUST then SUBMIT their team sheet in the DRIBL App  to confirm that ID Cards have been checked.
    • The team manager MUST SUBMIT the team sheet online at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled kick off time.
    • Be responsible for his/her team's players and spectators.
    • Submit online the official team sheet at the completion of the game to confirm that the correct score has been Recorded and note any send off codes.
    • All managers should check each Thursday the games that are uncovered by the referees (not all games can be covered). This will allow plenty of time for managers to organise someone to referee half of the game. The link to the referees association website is on our website then go to the Referee uncovered games link.
    • All managers should check fixtures each Thursday on the website to make sure of the venue and time of the game in case it has been necessary for the Association to make any alteration. Any late changes on Friday will be notified to the relevant Club.
  3. Points :
    • Win : 3 points
    • Draw 1 point
    • Win by forfeit : 3 points (with result being given as 3 goals to 0)
    • Bye : 3 points (with result being given as 3 goals to 0)
  4. Football sizes :
    • Size 3 - Under 6 to Under 9
    • Size 4 - Under 10 to Under 13
    • Size 5 - Under 14 to All Age
  5. Duration of Matches:
    • Under 6 to Under 9 - 20 minutes each way
    • Under 10 to Under 12 - 25 minutes each way
    • Under 13 to Under 14 - 30 minutes each way
    • Under 15 to Under 16 - 35 minutes each way
    • Under 17 to All Age - 45 minutes each way
    • Premier/Super League - 45 minutes each way
    • Over 35 to Over 45 - 45 minutes each way
    • Half-time shall be of 5 minutes duration.
  6. Delays to Commencement of the Game :
    • If the commencement of any game is delayed, the game shall be shortened to a time that will allow the following game to commence on time irrespective of whether an official referee controls the game or not. This shall not apply to the 1.00pm and 3.00pm games which shall be played as per By-Law 18 (2). Both halves shall be of equal duration.
  7. Blood Rule :
    • The referee must order from the field of play any player who has incurred a bleeding injury, that, in the opinion of the referee, represents health risk to other players.
    • A player who has been ordered from the field of play by the referee in accordance with (a) and has received treatment to the bleeding injury and in the opinion of the referee no longer represents a health risk to other players, may at the sole discretion of the referee reenter the field.
  8. Disciplinary Matters: All send offs, citings etc will be dealt with in line with the Grievance and Disciplinary Regulations 2014 – these regulations can be found on the GHFA   Website.
  9. Yellow Cards: When the Association has received 4 or 6 yellow cards for any player, that players Club will be notified of the suspension of that player. A match suspension will only be recognised AFTER notification is given to the players Club by the Association.
  10. Results: Clubs shall deliver results in the format requested by the Association