Senior football starts at U18s and thereafter, All Age football. Once players reach the age of 30, they play in the O30s competition and 45 and above, play in over 45s competition. All womens games are played on Sunday.

U18/1 - All teams play each other 3 times. This means they play Monday long weekend in June. At the end of 15 rounds Premiers will be announced. The top 4 teams will play Championship Round Robin.

All Age - All teams play each other either once, twice or three times depending on the division. This means those playing 3 times will play the Monday of the long weekend.

Over 30s & 45s- All teams play each other once. Premiers will be announced once all teams have played each other. The top 4 teams will play in Championship Round Robin. The remaining 9 teams will be invited to participate in a competition structure to be advised as per the final standings and consultation with the clubs.

The ball size is 5 for Under 18 to All Age

In Premiership Competitions, points shall be allotted as follows :

-Win = 3 points 
-Draw = 1 point 
-Win By Forfeit = 3 points and 3 goals 
- Bye = 0 Points

The duration of matches in the various grades are 2 equal periods based on table below. Games commence at the scheduled time. In all games, if the commencement of the game is delayed, a shorter period of time will be played in equal halves so that the game concludes at the scheduled time. No addition is to be made to the duration of either half of the game in the event of time being lost due to injury or any other occurrence that causes play to be suspended. Half time break consists of 5 minutes.

Under 18 & All Age 45 Minutes
Over 30 & 45 40 Minutes