WRRFC Bylaw Clause 25 – Registration and Fees

Player Fees are payable prior to season commencement.

Players who are unfinancial at season commencement or have not entered into an approved arrangement with the Treasurer, shall not be permitted to play until full payment is received.

A player may request to cancel their registration (de-register) with WRRFC at any time throughout the season. If a request to de-register is received and processed prior to the promulgated cut off dates for the appropriate Football Associations, the player will receive a refund of their registration fee less the following components:

  • Non-refundable Football Association fees,
  • Non-refundable Insurance premium,
  • Non-refundable capital works/infrastructure levies,
  • The cost value of any merchandise included in the registration fees (e.g., socks, football etc.), and
  • A $50 administration fee levied by the club, which will be non-refundable on completion of team grading, in accordance with the WRRFC Grading Policy.

The following refund amounts apply to the Association and Federation refund policy:

  • Prior to Association team registrations – 100% Association and Federation Fees;
  • Between team registration cut-off and first game of season – 50% Association and Federation Fees;
  • Between first game of season and last Friday prior to 25th June  – 25% Association and Federation Fees; and
  • After 25th June  – No refund on Association and Federation Fees.

Any player requesting a refund after the 25th June during the season will not be eligible for any refund of the registration fees paid. Submissions may be made to the committee to waive any, or all of the above if extenuating circumstances exist.

No refund of any fees will apply following registration cut-off for either Football Associations, except at the discretion of the committee where special circumstances apply