Football Federation Australia has provided a very useful tool in assisting referees in their quest to develop as a professional referee and provide a valuable service to our Club.

RefereesIn 2015 West Ryde Rovers Football Club were the first club to establish a program called 'Referee Recognition Month'.  This program promotes respect towards our young, adult and veteran officials. All our players, officials, members and committee realise the value in which our referees provide each weekend of the season. Without our officials we really could not have a fairer game of football.

Being a family orientated club, we are always encouraging all spectators, coaches, managers and members, to understand the game and most importantly, the decisions that an official makes whilst on the field. With this knowledge, we expect that all will have a greater appreciation for the game and be less critical towards decisions.

We encourage you to visit the Laws of the Game website and we know that you will learn a few rules you probably did not know.