2019 Football Registration Information

Registrations can only be completed online via PlayFootball.

Opens  -  3rd January 2019

Closes - 15th February 2019 

Registration has been extended for another 2 weeks!

Due to overwhelming demand, we are extending registrations until Friday 15th February.

To register, visit www.playfootball.com.au today.




 Registration Day attendance is there to assist those that are not able to register online at home. We will have devices available for you to register online with the assistance of Committee Members.  It's also an opportunity to purchase / collect shorts and socks and other merchandise, plus meet our Committee.


West Ryde Rovers Football Club is one of the oldest and biggest clubs in the Northern Districts of Sydney. It prides itself on being a family club that can offer football to all men, women, boys and girls at any level of ability. West Ryde Rovers FC operates within the Gladesville Hornsby Football Association (GHFA) and North West Sydney Women's Federation (NWSWF) competitions. GHFA has non-competitive games for Under 5's to Under 11's. Competitions begin at Under 12’s right through to Over 45’s. NWSWF has non-competitive games from U5's to U11's and competitions from U12's through to Over 30's. There are no geographical boundaries associated with registering for West Ryde Rovers FC, as we understand that many players will want to play with friends, family or at any level/division. Age groups are based on the age players are turning in the calendar year. For example, a player turning 7 in 2019 will most likely be placed in the Under 7’s.

Every effort is made to place all players into a team that is preferably in their appropriate age group and in a team that best suits their level of ability. If we have more than 1 team in an age group (U9-U18) or too many players for 1 team, the Club will conduct grading sessions to assess individuals and determine which teams they will play in. For more information refer to the Grading page.  

Registration Information
Registrations can only be completed online via PlayFootball.
Click here to register in the Boys/Mens/Mixed competition, played mainly on Saturdays. NOTE: You'll notice the link takes you to 'West Ryde Rovers Football' as your Club
Click here to register in the Girls/Womens competition, played on Sundays.  NOTE: You'll notice the link takes you to 'West Ryde Rovers Womens Football' as your Club

Important Note when registering via the 'PlayFootball' website
The PlayFootball website requests that you contact the Club before proceeding with registration.  This is not necessary unless you require specific information about registration. You are able to continue to register without contacting the club by clicking on the 'Start Registration' button, at the bottom right of their webpage, and following the registration process.

All registrations must be completed online by 10.00pm on 4th February 2019.  There will be no registrations taken on grading days.

See our Frequently Asked Questions Fact Sheet for further information
Step-By-Step Guide on how to register in PlayFootball

Active Kids Voucher Program
Every child (4.5 - 18 years old) who has a current Medicare card, residing in NSW and is enrolled in school from Kindergarten to Year 12 is eligible for $100 voucher each calendar year. This includes those who are home-schooled or enrolled in secondary school education at TAFE NSW.

NOTE : you must obtain the ID number prior to registering, as it will need to be entered into the  payment page in PlayFootball to claim your rebate.
For more information please go to : Active Kids Voucher Program


Registration Fees
Fees must be paid at the time of Registration on PlayFootball. All fees are for the entire season. 

Player Level Player Age Group Fees
Junior 5 - 7 years          199 / 120
Junior 8 - 9 years 199
Junior 10 - 12 years 240
Junior 13 - 14 years 250
Junior 15 - 16 years 255
Junior 17 - 18 years 280
Senior Aged 19 years or older 360
Senior Premier / Super League 380

Player Identification Requirements
Player Photos - All members and players are required to upload a photo when registering in PlayFootball that is current, colour, front facing, passport style. 
Proof of Age - All new junior players must provide proof of age - e.g.birth certificate.

Registration Enquiries
For any further information regarding registration with West Ryde Rovers Football Club, please contact :
David Saba - WRR Registrar
email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
phone : 0447391116