After a very successful end to the season in the NWSWF, here are the results for our Rovers teams:

17/1s - Premiers and Champions
Over 30/1s - Premiers and Champions
AA3 - Premiers and R/Up Champions

A fantastic day for all involved and well done to all our ladies teams in 2019!

This weekend the focus shifts to the GHFA Grand finals for Div 2 teams and below.

Benard's14/4s and the AA13s are out to go back to back, defending their Championship titles won in 2018.

Good luck to Adam and the AA13s which are the only team with a chance to win the double to be Premiers & Champions.

The 18/3s have been one of the most successful teams since their junior days and now have another chance to win another title. With the team all just 17 years old, it shows how talented a squad they are given what they have achieved so far this season in the age group. Glenn and the boys will play ex-rover teammates and coach in the Grand Final grudge re-match from 2017, there will surely be some fireworks!

Job well done to Adam & the AA6 team, knocking over top place in the what must have been an awesome penalty shootout semi final winning 8-7. 

Good Luck to all our Rovers teams this weekend in your question for a Championship in 2019.

WRR Committee

Note: The full schedule of Rovers teams in Grand Finals is below

Rovers GF Schedule 2019


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